Annie Hoffman Yoga

The purpose of life is to awaken. The purpose of a yoga class is to facilitate the awakening process in a tangible way--starting with the body and involving the mind, senses and awareness on all levels.  Asana is one of the eight limbs of yoga.  It follows yama and niyama which are personal and social practices that help to purify self and insure right contact with others.  Asana means "seat" and metaphorically means "to be seated in one's own soul or purpose."  In asana we take the time to break down movements so that we might perceive the motivations of our actions and exercise choice about how best to move, or to be still in order to freely become a conduit of energy.

Pranayama follows asana and refines the practice in physical stillness--purifying on yet a subtler level.  The next four limbs bring us deeper into a meditative, peaceful and radiant state. 

Iyengar Yoga utilizes clarity and precision to bring students into alignment.  It maximizes strength without hardness, and grounding which results in lightness.  We use asana as the tool to find greater awareness, investigating each of the five families--standing poses, backbends, inversions, twists, and forward bends.

Yoga is a space, a union wherein the divine powers of creativity and the human capacity of receptivity join forces.  Where these two come together is where beauty and grace happen and true intimacy with one's body as home returns.