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Inner Space Workshops Saturdays 1-3:

September 29
Return To Practice
September offers the chance to come back to the mat with a renewed investment in the power of practice.
Renew and refresh your commitment over time to investigate the upright posture.
Stand together  - with and for each other.

October 27
Resilience, Transformation, and Change
The nature of the mind is to be scattered.  Come focus on this path of liberation.  Seated twists and forward bends will center the psyche and ground the body.  We will open the channel between earth and sky.

November 3
Strength, Endurance, and Perseverance
Movement is our first language.  We build developmentally from rolling to crawling to standing to walking
to running.  Following evolutionary patterns, we will explore the 3 vectors in the vertical plane, the horizontal plane, and the sagittal plane.  Come move into our fullest expression of humanity.

December 8 
Light, Rest, and Reflection
Our true nature is loving kindness.  Focusing on chest openers and pranayama, we will open the path towards meditation. “Hrdaye città- samvit” sutra III 35 “The seat of consciousness dwells in the spiritual heart.” BKS Iyengar

All @ Inner Space 1-3pm
17 Station St, Brookline,


Also at Inner Space:

Thanksgiving Yoga ~ November 22 ~ 9-11 ~ $25

New Years Eve Rest and Renew ~ December 31st ~ 12-2 ~ $30

Insight Dialogue at Art & Soul Studio:

Sundays 9-12, by donation, 91 Hampshire St.  Cambridge

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