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Inner Space Workshops:

Saturdays:  Explore your Anatomy

March 28, 1:30-3:30
The gut tube!  Come support this microbiome with a practice that supports ingestion, digestion, and elimination.
Ayurveda (the Science of Life) puts digestion at the center health and well being.  Specifically promoting the smooth and easy movement of the bowels. Early spring is the perfect time to experience simple twists, elongation of the stomach, and to have discussion about the appropriate changes in diet that may be arising. Creative interaction has been a part of each workshop and we will continue to add dialog, drawing, and anatomy review.

April 18, 1:30-3:30
After March comes April, and this month is often accompanied by impatience for the warmth to arrive.  There is 
still a need to generate our own internal heat and keep the blood circulating.  Through active movement and inversion we can have an impact on blood pressure.  Plus after the winter months there tends to be a staleness in the body. This workshop will emphasize refreshment.  We can contemplate “freshness” as well as practice the bhastrika pranayama.

May 9, 1:30-3:30
This system is more subtle compared to the last two. Focusing on the breath comes after asana and before meditation. Pranayama instruction is recommended once a month to keep the practice alive and refreshed.
We will spend time with many different variations of chest openers, culminating in lying and sitting pranayama.
Depending on who shows up we may go on to digital pranayama or not.This series honors the element of space and ether - bringing us to the sublime state of satva (luminosity)

All @ Inner Space, $40 pre-register/$45 drop-in
17 Station St, Brookline,

Insight Dialogue at Art & Soul Studio:

Sundays 9-12, by donation, 91 Hampshire St.  Cambridge

Upcoming Dates:

Windhover Retreat Center, Rockport, MA
  * A deep dive into solitude and community
  * Connection to the natural, as well as the internal world
  * Activity and relaxation
  * Structured as well as free time
  * Delicious meals

    June 19-21 and/or
   August 28-30

  - Cost for either weekend is $400 all-inclusive
  - Scholarships and work-study are available email:
  - All rooms are either double rooms are dormitory style

Summer Camp 2020
The Arlington Center

Feel free to email with any questions.